Octagon Grey Portable Pet Playpen for Dogs

- Material: iron
- Color: gray
- Size of each panel: 80 x 100 cm
- Size of the rectangular fence: approx. 240 x 80 cm
- Diagonal diameter of the octagonal fence: 210 cm
- Length between two opposite panels of the octagonal fence: 200 cm
- Size of the square fence: 160 x 160 cm
- Size of the door: 32 x 82 cm
- Net weight: approx. 25 kg
- Mesh size: approx. 3.8 x 16 cm
PPK81G Dog Playpen
PPK86G Dog Playpen
PPK88G Dog Playpen
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Perfect Design
Perfect Design
Equipped with two L-shaped door bolts, this cage is safer, and the door won't open due to violent shaking. One end of each iron rod is plastic-coated so as to avoid rust, damage to flooring and excessive noise caused by moving it
High Quality
High Quality
Coated with powder after acid pickling and phosphating, this dog cage is quite good-looking and durable. The iron tubes are thickened to extra durability
Simple Structure
Simple Structure
The design allows for simple deconstruction for storage while not in use, and the fence rails are modular, so you can assemble them into different shapes (rectangle, square or octagon)
Fine Workmanship
Fine Workmanship
Rounded corners and edges will prevent injuries for your pet and yourself