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Three Colors Large Cat Tree for Sale

The required cat furniture of FEANDREAN large cat trees can meet your kitties to have a comfortable paradise. Beige, light and dark grey color can really satisfy your cat fancy as well as suitable for multiple cats.


- Colour: smoky-grey
- Material: chipboard + velvet + sisal rope
- Overall height: about 154 CM
- Base plate size: about 50 x 50 CM
- Square cat house size: about 35 x 30 x 25 CM
- Top cat house size: 36 x 36 cm
- Oval platform size: (2 x) about 50 x 30 cm
- Weight: 16.9 Kg

PCT86G cat tree
PCT86M cat tree
PCT86W cat tree
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Large Cat House
Large Cat House
If you have various cats or extra large cat, this is the suitable cat bedroom with enough wide space. Your cat can enjoy leisure time in FEANDREA cat trees.
Cat Tower With Hammock
Cat Tower With Hammock
Cat hammock in cat tree is essential part for your cat furniture if your cat are frisky. The hammock is stable and safe for your multiple cats to snuggle up.
Sisal Cat Scratch Rope
Sisal Cat Scratch Rope
FEANDREA adopt natural cat sisal scratch rope make your cat more happily and without harmful.
Best Material - Particle Board
Best Material - Particle Board
You will never worry about the material of FEANDREA cat furniture, for that we offer you superior material - particle board, which has been certified innoxious wood for your cat.