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FEANDREA pet products for sale have owned high popularity among our customers even though it is a new brand nowadays. And there is a brand story that originate from the touched story. 

Fe and Rea, brother and sister kittens only a few days old, were found weak, hungry and cold by an employee of Ziel. As a new mother herself, she was genuinely concerned for the well-being of these kittens. The veterinarian said they only had a 10% survival rate. However, she and another colleague made up their mind to adopt these kittens. It was not very easy to take care of the two kittens, so they needed to learn how to care for, protect, nurture, and accommodate them into their schedule. The inspiration for starting Ziel Inc.'s first pet lovers’ club named FEANDREA materialized, giving coworkers the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge about raising a pet.  
Nowadays, FEANDREA has developed into not only cat furniture for sale but also dog furniture as well as pet accessories supplier for pet owners and customers. We concentrate much of our attention on the pet products with high quality and technology that accord with pet habit. 
With warehouses abroad, we can guarantee you the fast delivery and best after-sale service for you. You are welcome to be our partners based on mutual trust.